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Deck Care Services

Since almost our inception we have been committed to the restoring, sealing, and staining of wood decks.  Our deck division is a separate smaller division of our company, but as with all of our services we strive for perfection.  Our many years of service give us a field and product knowledge that few of our competitors can match.  Several years ago we also expanded our deck sealing service to provide power washing and sealing of concrete, stamped concrete, and aggregate concrete driveways and patios.     

Outdoor Woods Can Deteriorate Quickly:

Wood decks can rot, crack, and warp. As the woods dry out, rain, mold, and hot weather all combine to deteriorate decking and cause surface swelling.  To extend and save the usable life and appearance of these woods, it is essential to clean and re-seal or stain periodically.  Since 1992 we have used all of the popular stains in our market, and have seen major changes in these products as companies are required to keep up with government VOC compliances.


Deck sealers and deck stains will not penetrate wood surfaces without the proper surface cleaning.  Our advanced cleaning service uses green technology bio-degradable wood cleaning solutions that safely power wash off dirt, molds, and oils, to allow maximum penetration by our oil based coatings.  All of our cleaning solutions are free rinsing so there is no film left that can interfere with the deck coatings performance.

Deck Staining/Sealing:

We choose to use deck care products that are both durable and beautiful.  Whether a customer wants a clear deck stain, a transparent color, or a solid color deck stain, will determine the product used.  The type of finish chosen will also determine the application method.  Normally brush and roller applications are preferred to spray on, and result in the deck stain penetrating into the decking surface as needed.  We often offer several finish options available with your written quote, and will provide you with beautiful stock and custom stain colors from which to choose. Being a certified experienced company also allows us to help you with matching and choosing the right color to your needs, type of home, and outdoor environment in which you live.

Cabot, PPG Industries, Olympic, and Gemini Coatings/ TWP, offer some of the quality deck stains that we commonly recommend.

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