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Were Passionate About Pavement Maintenance!

Our specialty is providing blacktop maintenance. We are not a paving/construction company providing blacktop maintenance as a secondary business.  This is very important as our industry involvement on both the national and local levels is specific to the blacktop maintenance industry only.  This is why we can continuously provide  unique maintenance solutions that are cost effective, by offering value options for almost all of our asphalt maintenance and repair services. For various reasons, such as during hard economic times, a customer business needs to have choices to meet pavement budgets.  As a certified blacktop maintenance business with years of experience, we will always provide you with the best solutions for maximizing your budget requirements.

Medium and large projects require very efficient production.  Unlike most of our competitors, we inventory bulk tank shipments of seal coat at one of our two yard locations within the Northwest suburbs.  Being able to store up to 7,000 gallons of sealer means that we are not driving to suppliers, waiting in line to be filled, and then driving to your job site.  On the morning of your scheduled job our crews arrive at the job site on time, and ready to work. Our trucks and tanks will have been loaded with the necessary materials the evening before.  This means that you can be assured of our commitment to having your job finished on time as promised.

• Three Steps for Proven Results •

  1. Crack Repairs

  2. Parking lots vary according to the types, size, and amount of cracks.  Deep and wide cracks need to be cleaned and sealed to keep water out.  Water will further erode cracks and work deep into the asphalt eventually causing potholes.  Today there are several new advances in crack sealants.  Depending on your budget and needs, we can offer you our proven durable hot seal crack repairs as well as the newer cold commercial grade safe seal formulas.  Your free written estimate will offer different options and suggestions.

  3. Patching Potholes and Damaged Asphalt 

  4. Potholes are dangerous and unsightly.  We often clean and patch potholes with hot or cold commercial asphalt mixes.  These repairs quickly restore parking lot safety, and can last you for years. 

    Our basic pothole repair service provides a commercial asphalt patch and mechanical compaction, for a fraction of the price of doing major paving work. If necessary we can also saw cut, grade, and hot patch both the binder sub-base and the surface asphalt. This becomes necessary if there are large centralized areas of blacktop that have massive failures.  If the binder (sub-base layer) is not damaged and only the surface asphalt is, then we can use our infra-red heating element to remove and replace the surface asphalt only.  Infra red repairs are a popular cost effective seamless repair solution used in place of cutting out and re-paving. Infra red surface repairs are ideal for  shallow potholes, alligator cracking, and sunken areas of blacktop.

  5. Cleaning and Seal Coating

  6. Cleaning Parking Lots is the hardest and most important part of the seal coating job.  The finest sealer will not adhere to a dirty surface.  Most contractors including ourselves utilize an industry standard of high pressure blow cleaning.  We also offer extra power sweeping services necessary to clean heavy or oily debris.  Extra power sweeping before seal coating provides a clean base often necessary in low areas, on the sides along curbs, and on older asphalt surfaces.  High pressure blow cleaning alone will not properly prepare these areas for seal coating.

    Seal coating quality varies greatly among contractors.  Our seal coatings are custom formulated for high traffic wear areas.  We add extra additives to harden the seal coating, speed curing, and improve asphalt bonding.  We also add silica sand to improve skid resistance, and too toughen the surface coat.

    There are also different ways to apply seal coat to parking lots.  Many contractors use spray/machine applications.   Spraying sealer can be cost effective for the contractor by reducing labor and reducing material usage.  We normally brush apply our sealer.  Our brush application provides the greatest customer value as it works the sealer well into rougher areas of the asphalt providing a longer lasting, durable, and heavier seal coating.

    Our seal coat of choice is our excellent commercial Fed Spec rubberized refined coal tar sealer.  In 2010, to address previous coal tar shortages, and the on going threat of future coal tar shortages, we diversified our sealer offerings to also provide our Guardian AE Premium Asphalt Emulsion seal coat.  Asphalt based sealers provide a slightly lower odor when freshly applied and also emit very low PAH/hydro carbons.    

    Both our premium refined coal tar emulsion seal coat and our Guardian AE premium asphalt emulsion seal coat, are manufactured by the Gem Seal Company.  Gem Seal sets industry standards with their proven reputation for quality for over 50 years.  Previously sold under the original Sakrete name, Gem Seal high solids sealers and products have been offered in Northern Illinois for longer than any other competitor’s products in recent history. 

    We always stick with a winner.

Other Blacktop Services:

Line Striping.  From blueprint layouts to existing re-striping, we will re-line your parking lot so it meets State and Village compliance codes.  If you need to make a few small changes or add some hash marks or stenciling to a problem area, we can provide them.  We also install posts and signage for HANDICAP parking spaces, and other special purposes.  Popular with both of our paving company and general contractor customers, we also supply and install concrete wheel stops at the curb end of parking spaces.

Residential Seal Coating.  Since our inception we have been seal coating residential driveways.  Aside from homeowner associations, almost all of our commercial seal coating is required weekend work.  During the week our crews seal coat and repair residential driveways.  Our prices are very competitive and we use our premium commercial sealer for all of our residential seal coating.  We normally modify crack sealing for residential driveways by substituting heavy duty commercial cold crack sealers, in place of the somewhat bulkier looking commercial high traffic hot crack sealers.  

NPE Certified / NPCA Qualified Member / NAC Preferred Contractor / PPG-Olympic Certified